The British Society for the History of Radiology
A selection of old Pathe News reel films about Radiology
Film 1 Wartime Biplane bullet locator
Film 2 Radiotherapy
Film 3 Portable Vetinary equipment
Film 4 Mass mini in Canada
Film 5 Radiotherapy 4Mev Australia
Film 6 Mass mini screening train
Film 7 The American hospital in Britain 1945
Film 8 Mobile industrial radiography in Sweden
Film 9 Mass mini Ministry of Health
Film 10 Mass mini for TB South Africa
Film 11 X-Ray drive opening mass mini tb in Edinburgh 2
Film 12 Radiography for everybody
Film 13 Radiology Teaching in UK
Film 14 Early Hip replacement
Film 15 Radiography of swallowed item
Film 16 Mass mini for TB Edinburgh
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